When thinking of like minds and inspiring artists to #7 question, none come more prolific and IN BOLD than Akira The Don. Rapper, Producer, Comic Books, Writer and owner of the “best website in the world”. He is a true one off. Starting as a music journalist, working his way through various artistic forms, leading to rap, an Interscope record deal (eminem etc etc) only to be now fending for himself and putting the world to rights! He wasn’t dropped he stuck to his guns… we massively respect this and artwork.
We’d say he was promoting something in particular… but he seems to bring something out every week! So its nice just to touch base into his self created alchemic universe.

#1 Like Redshift you’ve many different creative outlets. Other than music you also create comic books… if you could only do one art form, how would you choose, what would be your pros n cons?
You’re right. I also make videos and cartoons and write and act and judge piano contests. Hmm. Is it cheating to say music videos? Cos music videos can potentially incorporate comics AND music. Ha!

#2 Videos seem to play an important role with your music. Most recently you have been making a trilogy of videos… can you tell us a little more about that?
Well, I spent a long time looking for a human being with whom I could make beautiful video art. It was a lot more difficult that one might imagine, partly because not all that many people share my visual headspace, and partly because making videos can be prohibitively expensive unless you can find someone creative in artistic and financial areas…

#3 We’ve read the story about how you ended up signing to Interscope many years ago… and how you chose to stick to your guns and keep faith with your ideas. Do you ever regret not changing the “Thanks for all the aids track’ etc or do feel being independent is the only viable option.
I never regret any of it, no. I could indeed be a dead eyed zombie superstar by now… and in another reality, I am… and I don’t envy that dude one little bit. Everything that is good in my life right now I can trace back to that decision.