David Walker has been turning heads with his striking portraits for the last few years. Combining freehand spraypaint and dumb mark making he creates a vivid hybrid of photo realism and urban art. With exhibtions across the UK and internationally David has truly come into his own.
It’s not our first meeting with David, so Redshift caught up with David to talk about his current work and how we first met.

#1 You have worked with Redshift in the past, how did that come about and do you have any interesting stories to tell?
Chris approached me to come up with some designs for him when he was first starting Redshift [David developed the Redshift ‘R’ logo – ed], he’d seen my work around as I’d had my own clothing label called Subsurface between 2000 – 2005 and was putting stuff together for other street wear labels and doing art shows etc. Er all the interesting stories I know involving myself and Chris will be of no benefit to either of us if I tell them here, I honestly cant think of one which won’t get us into some kind of trouble, so i’ll just leave it

#2 We love the concept you used by developing 10 pieces of your work as if they were album tracks. What tracks spring to mind when you look back at your work?
Off the top off my head…
Arcade Fire – We used to wait
Mazzy Star – Fade into you
Death Grips – Spread eagle across the block
LCD Soundsystem – All my friends
Moonface – Whale song
Grinderman – Palaces of montezuma
Pearl Jam – Blood
there’s lots more, I play music all day in the studio.

#3 Whats been the biggest challenge for you getting to this point as an artist and how did you work to overcome it?
I think the biggest was making the initial decision that this is what I was going to do 100% of the time no matter what. Once i’d come to that conclusion all the other decisions I had to make were easier as they were based on whether what I was going to do benefited my art or not, as long as I stick to this it makes things simple.

#4 Chris was djing last week and was told by a drunk patron that his djing was good…..if you like that sort of thing. We love a back handed compliment! Do you ever get any? and whats your favorite to date?
A guy said to me while i was painting a piece on a shutter ‘I saw you doing this earlier, I thought it was gonna be shit but its actually not that bad’