So you’re called EAT ART, where did that come from?

I spent most of my life studying economics. I started writing my own economic theory and it lead me to conclude that economics is something we rely far too heavily on.

We all have unlimited desires but there are limited resources. You can’t share an apple pie between an infinite number of people. So I figure we should stop trying to.

EAT ART is my way of encouraging people to focus on being creative and enjoying each others creativity, because that’s in unlimited supply too…..

So you’re an economist over an artist?

I think art is narrowly defined by many people. Art to me is any creative activity, it can be found in any thing we choose to do. Even subjects like science required creative thinking, random acts, luck and leaps of faith.

So my creative ‘art’ form happens to be grounded in a subject I learned to shun. But that doesn’t make me any less of an ‘artist’. I think people should look at whatever they do as art. Take your time and enjoy achieving something beautiful that you are proud of.

My first project is all about broadening peoples imagination of what art can mean to them.

That leads us nicely on to your first piece of work. It’s called ‘Pure Imagination’. It’s a piece of street art that people can’t really see as it is actually a scent – they can only smell it. Whats it about and why did you take this approach?

Pure Imagination is a scent yes. I created it and put it out on the streets. What we know about our sense of smell is far less understood than what we know about sight. To me this makes it really exciting. To create ‘Pure Imagination’ required studying how scents are put together, and how I could distribute that safely and effectively on the street. This took creative thinking, trial and error, and leaps of faith….can you see where I am going?

Like how you defined ‘art’ earlier?


So why Pure Imagination?

Pure Imagination was basically a song from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. Its from the scene where they all go into the Chocolate Room. To me this scene is about the wonders of the human imagination but also the dangers of greed. Augustus Gloop falls into the river of chocolate because of his greed.

When I first started talking about a project based on the sense of smell to close friends. Many would ask me how I would make money out of the work and it saddened me. This is the world we now live in. We create to sell to then consume. Not just create to make ourselves happy. I started EAT ART not to make money, but to spend my time doing something fun that I enjoyed.

This is what gave me the desire to choose that scene from Charlie and Chocolate Factory. It was such a good analogy for what EAT ART is trying to achieve, and the clear obstacles and prejudices I face at trying to achieve it.

So Pure Imagination is about opening up peoples minds to their creative potential and a warning to people about the dangers of greed?

To me its about saying that we have bounds of creative potential inside of each of us, and our lives should be tapping into that and moving away from our obsession with possesing everything around us.

What about your greed? Do you plan on selling any work?

Pure Imagination could be as much as a test on my own greed as anyone else’s. Thats probably my favourite part. What happens if its popular and people want to buy it? How will I react to that? Will I start selling it in limited edition bottles? I don’t know.

People may mistake the points I am trying to make. They may suggest that we can’t eat without earning a living….. but I am not saying you shouldn’t earn an income. I am not saying that economics doesn’t serve a purpose. I am saying we base most of our decisions around what economics has taught us and we need to find a better balance between the desires and wants that drive us, and the way we go about fulfilling them.

I do plan on selling Pure Imagination. I’m going to sell a bottle of it. No fancy limited edition numbers. It’s not a marketing gimmick.

Why is there anything wrong with this?

There’s nothing wrong with limited edition stuff. It’s just I have seen many people just create art to sell it to a particular audience. They are still artists, but they refuse to see the fact they are actually good businessmen too. They should just be honest with themselves and not be so pretentious.

You might make lots of money from selling just one piece, what would you do with it?

I may also make nothing, and selling limed edition may have been the way to go haha But as far as I see it, if I get some income out of this, great, I will put it to my next project and any residual will go to removing my dependency on banks, not just spending it frivolously.

So what does it smell like?

Well the core theme is chocolate – to match the main theme of the room being the chocolate river. Then you have lighter fruitier notes that represent the jelly and candy shaped flora and fauna present throughout the room.

How long will the scent last on the street?

That all depends on different conditions, such as exposure to sunlight, rain, is it released in an enclosed environment etc. What I love about this project is that the scent will last 24-72hrs. People will have to rush to experience it, and a fragrance changes over time, so you may loose some of the lighter fruitier notes if you get there late. Alternately you may want to catch the scent early, and then revisit it a day or so later to see how the heavier notes of chocolate remain.

No chance of people selling the wall it was sold on to then?

Haha no, its not tangible, it deteriorates over time, like most things in life. Its real, it doesn’t last forever. But that doesn’t mean to say the message or peoples memories of having the experience of smelling it will. Its a different way to experience art, or simply, an event in your life. Thats fun to me.

So you have more projects in the pipeline?

More than that, I have a specific agenda. Displaying art as a scent on the street is a small portion of what I want to achieve. EAT ART is about showing people that our happiness is not grounded in looking to the worlds resources for answers. Its about looking inwards and towards each other for those answers.

What are your other projects then?

I think we’ll leave that for another time. I want to give people time to digest this message first!

EAT ART’s Pure Imagination can be found in the tunnel next to Shoreditch Highstreet Station soon. He plans on putting up the only bottle of scent up for auction, for when and where he chooses to do this follow him on twitter: @EAT_ART_NOW