Model, latex clothing designer, magicians assistant, actress?? It\’s all just a normal day in the life of Ninja, I mean Nina Kate – Redshift\’s favorite tattooed vixen. So how do you fit in video shoots with creating couture costumes and answering never ending questions about tattoos? Graciously and with wit as Nina shows us below…

#1 I just saw, purely by chance the WILL.I.A.M video (he directed it? What was all that rain and laptop business about?)… can you give a brief description of what it entails to be in a ridiculous “pop” video?
Mmm yes… well that one just entailed hanging around a lot and hold sparklers like a human candelabra… but it can involve many things. A lot of dancing around freezing your ass off is a theme I often encounter. The laptop thing was because he’s involved in a giant project with Intel ;) He was very nice to work with though, and it was pretty funny when the female singer Eva pulled half the ceiling down by accident.

#2 Regarding “pop” videos… what\’s your favorite and why? Mine\’s “Thriller”… how will anyone EVER beat “Thriller”?
Yes, that is a very good one, very hard to beat. I very much enjoyed being a zombie when I got a chance to. To be honest I don’t watch many pop videos… but it\’s probably an older one, for all the budget and stuff they just don\’t make \’em like they used to do they? Except for Die Antwoord, their videos are always pretty incredible. I’\’d love to dress Yo-Landi!

#3 From a non-models POV, like us, how different and challenging has it been switching between stills and video shooting? Considering all the differences and challenges in both…
Well, I started out only doing photographic work, and it\’s been a really exciting progression into the video. It’\’s what I want to be doing and much more involved to be representing a character in a 3 dimensional sort of way, and more fun!