1. Hi Russ, how are you? What you been up to lately?

I’m good thanks. I’ve been enjoying a bit of rare time off but I’ve also been working on various musical projects. I helped write and record some of the new MEW album, played guitar with Tim Wheeler for his recent live shows and then there’s new Bloc Party album.

2.So you are launching your new club night PILOT at North London hangout Proud, how did that come about?

Earlier this year I was DJing at Matt Horne’s night Session. I had such a brilliant time that I ended up talking with some of the other DJ’s and promoters there about working on something together.

3.What can Proud Camden expect?

We’re going to have a good mix of exciting new young bands performing live and DJ’s playing music for people to dance and have fun with.

4. Ok, well you have mastered the guitar stuff, how do you rate yourself as a DJ and what is your approach to a set?

I’ve actually been DJing for over 10 years on and off… I think it’s simply a good balance of playing music that you are into whilst at the same time reading what your audience want to hear. Once you figure that out I tend to draw up a list in my mind whilst I’m DJing so you can maintain and build the energy levels.