An associate of the Redshift family, Ryca (Ryan Callanan) is one of the most prolific contemporary artists around at the moment. He’s shown in galleries internationally from Japan to Bristol. It first started when he bought a print from a well known pop up gallery, and thought he could do better. He did. Making the legendary ‘Ona Islam’, placing it on ebay, selling in 30 minutes for £30. A new urban art star was born. Quickly he was apart of super cool Scrawl collective. And has since had 3 solo shows and formed his own print publishing company ‘Squarity’ – home to the Scroobius pip Print ‘Free Cheese’.

Were massive fans of his prints, sculptures, text works and all round star wars obsessiveness! So we thought we would catch up with what he’s been doing via our #7 questions.

#1 When you first started making work, what was it that inspired you and how did manage to relate into your style?
It was the Street art movement that kick started it, i had ideas and it was not like you needed an invite to join in, you just had to do something that was of the ilk and eye catching – I guess a bit of luck too.

#2 Name 7 artists that have inspired your work?
Jeff Koons
Jean Michelle Basquiat
Andy Warhol
Jasper Johns
Shepard Fairey
Takashi Murakami

#3 Like us your hugely inspired by Star Wars. Who’s your favorite character and why?
Star Wars, never seen it. Ok I aint gonna get away with that… to be honest I love the obscure characters that they made toys from – thats how I got in to Star Wars – trying to spot them in the film. characters like Amanaman, yak face, snaggletooth, ephant moon, b’oamrr monk, ellorrs madam and djas purr. My favourite has to be Boba Fett.